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XSS-VRT - Self-Service Voucher Redemption Terminal

BetXTech's XSS-VRT is an automated self-service payment solution for Casino jackpot voucher redemption. The interactive touchscreen terminal integrates with the IGT EZ Pay® ticket-in, ticket-out system and provides cash out services for EZ Pay Gaming Machines.

The Automated ticket redemption solution provides an easy and convenient way for casino players to redeem cash-out tickets issued by EZ Play machines right on the casino floor. Valid bar-coded tickets redeemed through the XSS-VRT Redemption Station are paid on-the-spot by high-security, electronically controlled multi-denomination currency dispensers.

The voucher redemption terminal is equipped with industry leading gaming hardware devices including JCM American Corporation UBA Series validator, a thermal receipt printer, and a high volume cash dispenser, featuring hefty 3000 note capacity cassettes.

Unlike other voucher redemption terminals, XSS-VRT unique features include aesthetically modern design and a small footprint taking up only 1/3 of the space as existing solutions on the market. The solution can be delivered with an optional second overhead screen ideal for advertising as an additional revenue channel.

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