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XC-EPOS - Till-based No-Risk Cashier

XC-EPOS is a risk-free, till-based cashier betting application which allows bricks-and-mortar operations to offer their customers all of the betting markets the exchange has to offer, and guarantees a profit on every bet placed through the configurable price margin-management system.

The all-in-one product provides control of visual representation of markets for your shop audience, simple and efficient touch-screen terminal bet acceptance, thermal betting slip printing, and barcode scanning reconciliation capabilities.

XC-EPOS is robust, customizable and scalable – the perfect solution to any shop’s needs.


  • Out-of-box functionality – no need for superfluous hardware or complicated configuration and installation.
  • Automatically import all or any subset of markets available on the exchange, and customize your shop offering.
  • Fully adjustable margin management tool enables on the fly price changes all the way down to the specific runner.
  • Support for various international odds/price types, multiple currency and language.
  • Support for multiple customer display screens and other output devices.
  • Scalable to include assortment of relevant hardware peripherals.
  • Full compatibility to all POS devices supported by Microsoft Windows Embedded Point of Service Operating System.

Successful XC-EPOS Deployments

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