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X-Connect - Risk-free Sportsbook

X-Connect is a revolutionary risk-free, web-based Sportsbetting application allows partners to offer their own online Sportsbook, without the operational overhead associated with bookmaking. X-Connect enables you to tap into the leading exchanges and offer a variety or all of the available markets, and guarantees a profit on every bet placed through the configurable price margin-management system.

X-Connect is available as a turnkey solution, or as configurable plug-in to your existing system.


  • Access to all markets offered by world’s leading betting exchanges.
  • Automatically import markets and prices with a ‘margin’ on top – no line management staff required.
  • Fully adjustable market price tool allows operators to adjust margins per sport, market or even runner, on the fly!
  • Powerful back office, including account management, comprehensive reporting, and payment solution integration.
  • Multiple currency and language support.

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