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The Company - BetXTech

About Us

BetXTech is an innovative private technology company that is leading the way in developing eGaming solutions that target the Electronic-Point-of-Sale (EPOS). Self-Service, Web and Mobile channels.

The company was formed in July 2005 and its management team consists of experienced operations, software development, and finance personnel who collectively have over 20-years of online gambling and sports wagering software solution development, sales, training and support experience.

Our Research and Development staff consists of experienced online gambling architects that are committed to the development of cutting edge, user-friendly solutions that allow our customers to get to market in the quickest way possible.

You can view trade publication articles which highlight BetXTech's vision, products and services, here.

Partner with BetXTech and reap the benefits

  • Successfully harness the exchange betting model
  • Generate no risk profit in all aspects of your operation
  • Create long-term, win-win scenarios
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What We Do

BetXTech is dedicated to developing high quality software solutions suited
for a wide range of the Gambling sector - new and existing betting exchanges, bookmakers, online, land, & sea-based casinos, gaming operators and professional punters.